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My Story

Coming from humble backgrounds, I had to learn to bounce back from terrible losses and unwise decisions early on in life. I learnt that nothing in life can be termed good or bad – everything is an experience. Good experiences leave us happy, bad experiences leave us wiser, but only if we learn the lesson from it. Sometimes, people go through a series of the same patterns of unwise decisions repeated again and again, as if on a loop. All they need is a little encouragement, a little motivation to perk up their spirits. I’m here to be that provider, that friend who gives a virtual pat on the back, that can go a long way in comforting and helping take that life-changing decision.

I am a fitness enthusiast. I love Carnatic music, and I love to dance. If you want to know more about me, visit my Instagram page where I share bits of my life, and my wisdom accumulated through years of struggle to success, pain to happiness. You can also contact me here.

Uplifting Women

Women constitute one half of the population of the world. Yet, societies around the world have largely been male-dominated societies, be it the western world or oriental societies. The 19th century onward has seen a huge shift in the way the world perceives women, and many societies of the world have started placing less importance on gender when it concerns professional or household work.

Still there is along way to go. We women need to upheld and support each other. We cannot hope the other half of the population to fight for our rights, understand our pain. We need to stand up for ourselves, and for each other. My motto is to help as many people as I can by motivating them to be their best selves. My main focus is on motivating women, because we are so wired to place the needs of our family and loved ones before our own, that a little push, a little motivation from a fellow sister can go a long way to reach our personal zeniths in this lifetime.

Videos to Motivate You, Empower You

Build Your Life Motivational Strategy

Never give up and never listen to naysayers. Keep moving and plan ahead to structure your life for a better you and your future.

Mastering Your Fears

A self-paced mini-course to guide you into conquering your biggest
fears around personal success and ambitions in life.

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