What is Crypto currency?

Crypto means secret and currency means a medium of purchasing goods or services. Crypto currency is a private digital currency that can be used to pay for the goods or services you have purchased.

There are many crypto currencies currently available in the market. To name a few, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance coin are the popular crypto currencies available to us.

Crypto currency is widely famous amongst investors and buyers for its decentralised attributes, which means no government authority or agency will have control over the crypto currency.

Crypto currency already has and will bring a revolution in the coming future. In the coming days, it may become the new normal for payment.

How will Syanthiyana help you in crypto currency?

Syanthiyana has been in the crypto currency business since 2015 as an investor and has indulged in crypto currency projects as a founder over the years.

She has experience in building P2P (peer to peer) and Decentralized Exchange for Asia, Europe and Asia Pacific Users. 

A brief on her background – Syanthiyana has a Major in Finance and Banking. And she owns a Fin-Tech and a Healthcare business in the United States.

She will be able to pick the best projects and help you through the process of investing in crypto currency ventures based on her extensive expertise and knowledge in the banking and IT industries.

Below are some of the what and how questions listed that Syanthiyana can help you with.

  • How to create an account in Major exchanges? (For ex: Binance.com, Crypto.com, Kucoin.com, Wazir-X, Giottus)
  • What are all the best projects for initial investing?
  • How can we do day trading?
  • What is P2P and Centralized Exchanges?
  • What are Decentralized Exchanges?
  • How we can Swap tokens in Decentralized exchanges – Otherwise called as “DEX”
  • What is Bitcoin and ETH?
  • How to do recurring investment on crypto currencies?
  • What is the Dollar average Cost in crypto investing?
  • How to take small and long term profits?
  • What is a meme coin? How to choose a meme coin?
  • What is Staking and Farming in DEX?
  • What is holding long-term in crypto currency?
  • Much more.

If you have any questions that are not listed in the above list. You can ask those questions, get them answered and have your queries cleared in a one to one conversation with Syanthiyana herself.

So what are you waiting for? The revolution is awaiting you. Go grab the opportunity!

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